About Us

·  Imam Khomeini International University

Imam Khomeini International University (IKIU) established in 1984 when it was approved by Iranian Islamic Consultative Assembly. It was already named as Islamic International University (IIU). However, after the founder of Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini, was passed away the IKIU was born in 1991 by merging of Qazvin Higher Education Institute of Dehkhoda (1981) in the IIU.        

The IKIU is placed in the ancient city of Qazvin, 135 KM northwest of Tehran. It is currently operating with 7 faculties as well as 3 different researches and training centers. The IKIU's faculties are offering 36 undergraduate, 87 Master’s, and 35 PhD education programs.


·  Persian Language Center

The spread of the Persian civilization from central Asia to the Indian subcontinent, and the interest shown by the world’s top universities in the Persian language as a requirement for oriental studies, have given a special place to the language. In addition, the Persian language holds a top rank in the search engines, with its poets such as Hafez, Saadi, Rumi and many others, known as some of the most famous poets in the world. As a result, many of the world’s scholars and artists seek to get to know and learn the Persian language.

The Persian Language Center of the university was founded in 1992 to help the Persian language enthusiasts from all over the world, teaching Persian as a second or a foreign language. It could also be a gateway into the Persian and Islamic civilization and culture. Operating with attention to the scientific principles and methods of language teaching, and the ability to tend to the needs of the language learners is what makes this center different. As a result, those who take part in the IKIU's Persian language courses, have a far better experience than they expected.

Due to the fact that the medium of education in IKIU and other universities in Iran is Persian, students who have graduated from non-Iranian institutes and do not know Persian, will be introduced to the IKIU Persian language center in Qazvin after being accepted by the ministry of science and before entering their field of study.

The Language Center courses consist of two courses of general, and advanced Persian, with each course taking 16 weeks to complete. In these courses students study the articles of their field of study in Persian, and get to familiarize themselves with the Persian equivalents of the scientific terms aside from re-learning their past studies, while experiencing an atmosphere similar to the university classes before actually entering the university. We also offer private and compact courses in two weeks, one month, 45 days and two months periods.