Admission Requirements

Imam Khomeini International University accepts international students from non-Iranian applicants in the offered fields of study on the basis of the following conditions and in two forms of scholarship and non-scholarship:


1. Scholarship

This type of admission includes applicants who have had their age and academic level approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and based on the quota of each country and capacity of each field. The university sends the cases of qualified applicants to the Ministry of Science to be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. After admission, the applicants are introduced to the University with a letter of acceptance to continue their studies.

This scholarship includes two types: scholarship type (A) and type (B). In the former case, not only will the student study for free in the University, but will also be awarded a grant within their authorized period of study. In the latter case, the courses are free but without any grants.


Note 1: Under the Scholarship Student Admission Regulations of the Ministry of Science, the minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) required of the applicants is 14 for undergraduate and Master’s levels, and 16 for PhD level, while the priority of admission is based on the quota and capacity of each country.


Note 2: Scholarship age conditions are as follows: The maximum age limit for the undergraduate level is 22, for master's degree is 26 and for PhD is 31. For the fields of Persian language and literature, and theology, the maximum limits are increased by 2. For applicants who have recently graduated, the age limit is not considered.


Note 3: Imam Khomeini International University, intends to offer scholarships (in addition to the scholarships from the Ministry of Science) each year, according to its statute, for a limited number of applicants in undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD levels during the allowed period of study. This scholarship consists of a full-scholarship (free) and an educational scholarship (exempt from tuition fees only).


2. Non-scholarship

Applicants, who do not qualify for a scholarship, may submit their application for this type of admission to the university based on the statute of acceptance for non-scholarship students. These students must pay tuition fees for each semester in accordance with the decision of the University Board of Trustees. For more information, see the tuition fees section.

Note 4: The minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) for non-scholarship admission is 13 for undergraduate, 14 for Master’s levels, and 15 for PhD level.


§  Admission Requirements

1.  A non-Iranian citizenship.

2.  No legal bans on continuing education and living in Iran.

3.  Being mentally and emotionally healthy.

4.  Holding a valid degree, or equivalent of high school diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate degree for studying Bachelor's, Master's and PhD, respectively.

5.  Commitment to educational regulations and adherence to the university standards and disciplines.

6.  Paying the processing fee (for the documents to be reviewed by the university admission council, specific to non- scholarship applicants).

7.  Having the certificate of the Persian Language Learning Center from the university (for the students graduated from non-Iranian Institutes).


Note 5: Due to fact that the medium of education in IKIU is Persian, the graduates of non-Iranian institutes who are not familiar with the Persian language, will be introduced to the Persian Language Center after receiving their letter of acceptance.


§  Necessary Requirements for Admission

Non-Iranian applicants of Imam Khomeini International University are required to submit the following documents, while referring to the Students' online application system of the University and registering their applications to the system. The presentation of the original and confirmed documents to the university is obligatory in the final registration step.


1.  A copy of the most recent degree.

Note 6: Non-Iranian applicants who have graduated from Iran's educational centers and have applied for a bachelor's degree must submit their high school diploma or the equivalent of the named degree.

2.  A copy of grades transcript.

Note 7: Educational documents including the graduation certificate and the grades transcript of the applicants who have been graduated from non-Iranian educational institutes, should be confirmed and verified by IRI consulate in the applicants’ country.

3.  A copy of the passport.

4. Recommendation letters from two professors of the last university degree. (Only For Masters and Ph.D's Applicants)

5. Offering valid certificate confirming that the applicant is not infected with infectious and contagious diseases including HIV, hepatitis B and C, and is not addicted to any drugs and narcotics.

6.  3 × 4 photo.

7.  The bank receipt of the payment for review and processing of the documents fees based on the level of degree (specific to non-scholarship applicants).


Level of Study

Processing Fees (in Euros)


15 €


30 €


50 €


Note 8: The abovementioned processing fees should be paid to one of the following accounts:

* Account number 5106793823 Bank Mellat, owned by "specific incomes of the Deputy of International Affairs of IKIU", for applicants inside Iran.

* Account number 2150126218 Bank Tejarat, swift code BTEJIRTHAQZN bank Tejarat, owned by "specific incomes of the IKIU" for applicants outside of Iran.


Note 9: Should the applicants residing in other countries not be able to pay the mentioned fees, they may make the payments after entering Iran.

Note 10: The deposited processing fees are not refundable.