Tuition Fees

1- The university tuition fees are based on Currency of the European Union the Euro rate; for the non-scholarship students who pay their tuition fees in Iran, the equivalent should be paid in Rials.

2- The criterion of exchanging Rial to Euro is on the basis of the current exchange rate in the central bank of Iran which is available on the central bank website:

3- The fixed tuition fee is 50% of the total tuition fee for one semester.

4-  The tuition fees of each student during the study period are calculated based on the tuition fees of the year of entry.

5-  The tuition fees of the scholarship students who have completed their permitted academic years will be calculated based on the approved tuition fee for the eligible semester.

Note 1: Students who are accepted for scholarships are exempt from paying tuition fees at the Persian Language Center. But in case of failure in Persian language courses, the fees should be paid according to the table above.

Note2: International students who are required to pass the training courses of the Persian Language Center, have to pay the fee of Persian language proficiency Exam if they participate in.

6-  The students of the educational scholarships of the university are obliged to pay the welfare fees if they use the welfare services of the university.

Note 3: Students willing to use the University's welfare services can refer to the Student Affairs Office after the final registration.

Note 4: Providing students with dormitory is possible if there are vacancies.

Note5: Students who do not have previous residence in Iran have the priority of the university dormitory.

Note 6: All international students benefit from the university's facilities at the student fee.


Tuition fees for non-scholarship international students/language learners

in Imam Khomeini International University(IKIU)

(Sep 2023 - Aug 2024)


Tuition fees (per semester) 





Humanities and Social Sciences

€ 200

€ 300

€ 500


€ 250

€ 350

€ 600

Persian Language Learners

€ 200

Tuition fees for research-based programs are calculated as 80% of the above fees.



Accommodation fees (per semester)